Emergency Communications Vehicle (ECV)

Information technology

ECV Features

Satellite communications, including video, data and telephone.
Extensive radio systems, including marine, aviation, ground and satellite.
Wireless LAN network, high bandwidth connections to a large number of peripheral devices.
54-foot mast extending up from the vehicle, increasing range of radio systems and enhancing performance of other communication equipment.
Onboard generators, allowing ECV to supply uninterrupted operations for several weeks if necessary.
Accessibility, an SUV-based platform ready to be deployed to locations that are inaccessible to traditional full-sized command vehicles.
JPS ACU-1000 radio interlink system
PBX phone system w/ VoIP and Voicemail
Video Camera system – Broadcast Quality
Satellite TV system w/ Mobile antenna
TracStar mobile satellite system
Weather Eagle system
GPS Tracker – for easy deployment
Will-Burt Commercial Mast 52’ w/ rotor system
Code 3 Lighting and siren system
Inside –Center
Generator - 8-Kvw
Control unit Located
above Cell phone in front dash
Outside – Side
Operations Entry Door
Roof Ladder
Inside Table for IP Phone/ Fax
Camera Controller
JPS Patch panel
Outside – Side
Patch Panel
Aux. Power Outlets
Aux. Radio Antenna Ports
Phone Hooks ups – In & Out
Shore Power Connectors
Data Network Patch hook ups
DC Power Terminals
Audio & Video - In/Out Patches
JPS – Link Combining Patch
Inside –Center
Front Communication Console
7” Video Screen
Cell / Front Radio’s / Scanner
Power control switches for
Mater Power / Radio’s / Mast
Lights and Siren
Inside –Rear
HF Radio / UHF/ VHF-L / VHF-H
JPS- ACU100 Radio system
IP Phone system w/ PBX & VM
Satellite controller / VHS-VCR
15” Data / Video Monitor
1U Computer server
Weather station remote software
Satellite TV Receiver & Antenna Control
Antenna Patch Rail
Inside –Rear
Dell Pocket PC for Internet Service
Video system Controls
Stabilizing Jack Controls
Camera Controller
“ Run Red” LED Light
Mast Antenna Rotor Control
AC Power switches and Controls