About Eurotex
International Group

Established in 2002, Eurotex International Group is a leading service and technology provider to the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial and Security for Private and Government sectors in the Gulf region.

Eurotex International Group is a privately held company which has recently reorganized in order to engage in the rapidly growing needs of the Gulf and Middle East markets.

The company is owned by group of Investors with extensive regional and international capabilities and business contacts who continuously strive to find the new opportunities that are well suited for the Middle East region.

Currently we are focused on new manufacturing opportunities in the Middle East by teaming up with well established manufacturing companies in foreign markets who may already have some share of this market and have the desire to increase market share or establish locally in order to have a more effective presence.

O U R    V I S I O N

To be the leading provider of diversified engineering, technology, maintenance and security services. We will deliver safe, customer oriented solutions, by being innovative, reliable and dynamic. Our People’s excellence enables our success.


We are growing and rebalancing our portfolio, with a focus on increasing our exposure to emerging Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and related industries in the region, while also concentrating on aggregating positions around our existing focus areas within Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
If your company is interested in utilizing innovative technologies that bring value in an environmentally and socially conscious manner, Eurotex International Group will meet your requirements. We have extensive hands on experience through our staff, subsidiaries and partners in implementing large scale infrastructure projects and delivering the latest in Energy, IT, Industrial and Environmental Solutions. Eurotex International Group excels in selecting technologies and services that match market needs effectively, efficiently, and environmentally.